Webkat Design is a small, privately-owned Atlanta, Georgia firm, founded in 2000 by Stephen Brust. Brust founded the original company as Acacia Grove Web Development in 2000. In December 2006, Brust decided to join forces with his then-fiancĂ©, to form what is now known as Webkat Design, LLC. In 2022 Brust stepped down as President/CEO and handed the reigns over to his wife Kathy. Webkat has grown from a bedroom-run operation serving friends and family to a regional design studio boasting such clients as Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce. Snellville Tourism & Trade (STAT), The LifestyleChiropractic, Louisiana Messianic Community, Sugarloaf Wellness Center, GDA Online, and International Supply Partners, among other marquee names. 

Our Goal

WebKat Design provides professional services creating affordable, custom-designed websites for individuals, organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses. We offer a full range of options including web design, Content Management Systems, e-commerce development, flash animation, graphic design, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and web solutions. We provide a complete service for the design, installation, and maintenance of e-commerce marketing functions for our retail clients. Webkat intends to evaluate the success of each installation and follow up to make changes to improve the effectiveness of each site.

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Webkat Design is dedicated to bringing sleek, attractive, and powerful websites to the marketplace. We will strive to maintain and grow our brand recognition and adhere to high-quality design standards.


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